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Ozone Therapy

When you hear the word “ozone,” you may think of the ozone layer in the environment—and rightfully so. However, the natural molecule also has a number of applications in the medical world.

Ozone therapy is a treatment that increases oxygen in the body by introducing ozone into the blood.

While a typical, regularly-occurring oxygen molecule consists of two oxygen atoms, ozone has three of these atoms. So, aer administrating ozone into the bloodstream and allowing it to blend with its constituents, a highly-efficient, healing oxygen-ozone mixture results. This mixture can help to treat a number of disorders and diseases, promoting good health as a result.

It’s worth noting that ozonated blood is typically brighter in color. This is the result of oxygenation during ozone therapy.

The benefits of ozone therapy include:

Reduced Inflammation

Ozone substantially reduces inflammation in the body by directly blocking pro-inflammatory markers like cytokines. This action helps to alleviate the symptoms of inflammatory diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension; it also minimizes the patient’s risk of cancer by preventing the onset of cancerous cells.

Immune Response Boost

Ozone boosts the immune response by intervening in various immunology pathways and promoting the synthesis of beneficial substances like interferon. It also increases the overall immune cell count, greatly fortifying the immune response and offering protection from microorganisms and larger parasites.

Increased Tissue Regeneration

Ozone stimulates the synthesis of diverse growth factors in the body, including Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which promotes new blood vessel formation. This yields a more generous supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells, leaving them better nourished and effectively revitalized.


Dr. Chan takes a personal interest in each of his patients. He works on the cause of the problem and spends as much time as needed to help resolve an issue. I had a blood pressure issue that was not resolved by medication and diet. After testing, Dr. Chan identified that my urine and blood work studies indicated high levels of mercury and lead among other metals. I started on a journey of Chelation Therapy and began noticing an improvement immediately in my blood pressure. I started out the treatment with taking multiple meds daily, then one pill per day, then one monthly, until I was off blood pressure meds entirely! I am thankful for Dr. Chan’s direction in my health and wellness endeavor and would recommend him to anyone!