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What is Hybrid Concierge Membership?

Concierge care is a new style of medical care in which patients become members and receive enhanced medical services not normally covered by private insurance and/or Medicare. Our Hybrid Concierge Membership is different than traditional concierge care because it

  • Has a much lower annual wellness investment than other traditional concierge programs and
  • Allows you to use your insurance and/or Medicare benefits for normally covered services at our practice. This helps to offset the expenses of a traditional concierge model, which does not bill private insurance or Medicare.

What is Hybrid Concierge Membership?

At Colin Chan, M.D. & Associates, our mission is your well-being. We measure success in creating the best possible health outcomes for individuals in our care, one person at a time.

Combining cutting-edge medical techniques and natural healing, our holistic approach focuses on providing personalized wellness treatments and anti-aging therapies.

The Hybrid Concierge Membership offers the most flexible, comprehensive, and personal care option for enhanced attention and services. With Hybrid Concierge Membership, you can depend on Dr. Chan to be your personal physician, healthy living coach, and strong wellness advocate.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Quick, ready access to Dr. Chan with same or next-day appointments
  • Access to a specialty lab for advanced cardiac, hormonal, and genetic tests - a $3,000 value
  • Limited or no wait time for unlimited in-office appointments
  • Our dedicated Concierge Hot line providing immediate answers to your questions and direct attention to your health concerns
  • 24/7 direct telephone access to Dr. Chan
  • Expert coordination of your specialist care in both out patient and in-patient settings at hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • 4 house calls per membership per year
  • Expert management of natural hormone therapies — BHRT
  • Longer, more relaxed appointments to ensure a customized personal program for your genetic makeup
  • Discounts for nutritional supplements, IV nutrition, ozone, and chelation PRP
At Colin Chan, M.D. & Associates, we thoroughly assess your condition, needs, and expectations and rule out any serious medical illnesses before developing an effective treatment plan.
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