Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

Harnessing Oxygen for Peak Health

Colin Chan MD & Associates is proud to introduce an innovative health solution: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This new addition to our age management practice showcases our dedication to bringing cutting-edge, scientifically backed treatments to our patients.

Understanding the Science of HBOT

HBOT is a sophisticated therapy where patients breath near 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized environment at 1.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure. This saturates tissues with oxygen, enhancing natural healing and improving cellular function, thus accelerating recovery and promoting well-being.

The Revitalair® 430+

Hyperbaric Chamber Experience

Photobiomodulation harnesses specific light wavelengths to boost cellular energy and repair, similar to photosynthesis, enhancing mitochondrial function and promoting healing and regeneration.

Targeted Health Advantages

HBOT offers a plethora of health benefits, especially in areas crucial for aging populations:

Rapid Tissue Recovery

Streamlines tissue repair with super-oxygenated blood.

Vascular Health

Promotes blood vessel formation and circulatory health.

Cognitive Renewal

Supports brain function for cognitive longevity.

Pain Alleviation

Provides anti-inflammatory effects for pain relief.

Neurological Rejuvenation

Boosts brain health and neurological resilience.

Immune System Enhancement

Strengthens immune response and combats infections.

Skeletal Fortification

Aids in bone regeneration for sustained mobility.

How it works:

Experience HBOT’s rejuvenating power with 10 treatments across two sets of 5 consecutive daily sessions yearly. Included in the highest concierge tier, members can enjoy complementary sessions, while other tiers receive special discounts. Various package options are available, ensuring HBOT’s benefits are accessible to all.

Proactive Health Philosophy

As a central component of our proactive health approach, HBOT is crafted to support and improve overall well-being, reflecting our pledge to deliver forward-thinking health care solutions.